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Why you should consider buying truckloads of retail returns.
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Why to buy truckloads of returns


There are many reasons for buying retails returns. They are a brilliant way of getting your hands on well-known brands without forking out on their original RRPs and of course this offers a fantastic cash-creating opportunity!

Perhaps you’ve already tried reselling items individually from winning pallets in our regular returns auctions. If you are and you’re tempted to go bigger, then you might like to consider bidding in our auctions of truckloads of pallets.

Grow profits

It stands to reason that the more stock you have to sell, the more money you have the opportunity to make.

If you’ve just been buying the odd pallet so far but like the potential it has for generating additional income, if you have more stock and you’re able to devote more time to your reselling, it could move from being merely a handy side-hustle to being a larger part of your life. If you dream of being your own boss and working flexible hours to fit around other areas of your life, this could be the thing for you.

Increase retention

You might already have a customer base and already have a relationship with them; they know that you deliver on your promises so are likely to buy from you again if you have something they want, rather than go with an unknown source. By offering more choice to your buyers, you’re going to sell more to them, helping to increase customer retention by broadening your offering.

Save time

If you order up a large amount of stock, it stands to reason that you won’t need to be ordering it as frequently, so you are using your time more efficiently and don’t have multiple different shipments to organise.

Think before you bid

We could advocate reasons for buying returns all day long but there is obviously a difference between choosing the odd individual pallet that takes your fancy and buying a whole truckload!

The two main areas impacted here are your investment level, and of course, space.

Do your sums and figure out whether you are comfortable increasing your budget. Look at the profits you’ve made on what you’ve sold previously and scale that up to give you an idea of what potential there could be in going down this route.

As with other raw returns auctions, there is an element of risk as you know what the items are that you’re bidding for, but until you take delivery and examine everything, you won’t know the condition. So, you could find some brand new, boxed goodies, they could be in need of some form of repair, or they could be broken and used for parts. That’s what you need to weigh up – the risk against the potential.

Work out where you would store your stock. This is vital as it won’t fit in your garage (depending on your garage!) and you may need to look at paying for a storage facility.

Are you tempted to give it go? We’re heading into the biggest shopping season, so now is an ideal time to get cracking if you are!

Find out more about our retail returns auctions here.

If you have any questions, just contact our friendly team on the Live Chat function and we’ll help you out. Good luck!