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Reasons to buy from online auctions, from the UK's leading online auction house.
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Why you should buy from online auctions

Jess Gibson
Jess Gibson

Over half a century ago, the only way to purchase goods was to don your best clothes, arm yourself with bags, and head into town to browse the shops.

People would totter up and down the bustling highstreet, come rain or shine, to purchase everything from their daily groceries and home goods and furniture, to clothing, beauty products, and toys.

With the 1970s in the process of opening up work for women within offices and a wider range of professions, the world of retail witnessed a noticeable shift: the burgeoning rise of convenience shopping and big corporations dominating the high street; large convenience shops opened up, mimicking their rise in the US; the pace of life shifted into the fast lane. People wanted ease and comfort to coincide with long working hours and entertainment schedules, so they opted for whatever was easiest – whether that meant microwave meals or one-stop shopping venues.

Fast-forward 50 or so years, and the high-street is in rapid decline: the pace of life continued to increase, fuelled on by the speedy evolution of technology in the 21st Century, and convenience became the one thing nearly every consumer wanted.

By 2020, a huge proportion of all shopping had shifted online – it saved time, required little energy, and could work around a busy lifestyle. Plus, you could get almost everything you wanted at the touch of a button! But then the onset of the pandemic pushed even more businesses in the retail sector – amongst others – into the online realm, whilst forcing the rest of society to work from home and shop online.

Of course, the benefits of buying items online are numerous, and we won’t cover old ground by going over them here. But what we will do is highlight the way that the shift to online retail this past decade (and particularly this last year) has spurred on the rise of the online auction. Their popularity means that they’ve become a real contender in the online market, as they offer a great way to purchase all different kinds of items, for any reason, at reasonable prices, and with a real emphasis on convenience.

Online auctions offer huge scope whether you’re buying for personal use or for work reasons. If you’re in the market to kit out your business with high-quality, brand-name tools and supplies, there are auctions specifically featuring machinery, tools, and goods related to different industries, as well as pallets with raw returns and liquidation stock from trusted high-street names. Pallets of bathroom suites, gadgets and electronics, and household appliances all feature in these types of auctions and can be incredibly useful if you’re doing up your home, opening a business, or looking to create an additional income stream.

Equally, however, if you’re hoping to spot a bargain in amongst a collection of antiques, art or jewellery, or sweep up a luxury watch or handbag, there are auctions out there for you!

Beware though, as these auctions have become immensely popular, bidding for items for reasonable amounts can either incur additional charges or be untenable due to excessive reserve prices…at some online auctioneers.

Here at William George, though, there’s access to some of the best deals currently being offered. Our sellers work with our team to set reserve prices that are based on knowledge and understanding of the market, rather than marketing items at a higher retail price in order to cover seller commission.

With our auctions, you can trust that items are correctly and fully described, with available images included, as we are meticulous about ensuring quality and cultivating a positive relationship with our sellers.

So, are online our auctions easy to access? Yep, definitely – just sign up and start browsing!

Is it a convenient way of shopping? Absolutely, you can visit our homepage to either view our upcoming and live auctions or click on a category to find an auction featuring those item types.

Can you shop on the go? Yes, yes, yes.

Are there great deals and bargains to be had? YES – some of the best out there.

Simple, easy, and value for money. Take a look at our live auctions right now to get started!