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Ways you can make some extra money for Christmas using online auctions.
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Make cash for Christmas with online auctions


Times are tough and with more pressures on our finances than for as long as many of us can remember, Christmas is looming up on the not-too-distant horizon.

If you could do with making some cash to help you through the expensive festive season, online auctions offer you an ideal platform - a huge audience of eager bidders, an easy-to-use website and what’s more, it’s totally free to sell with us!

Don’t worry, there’s still two months to go, so plenty of time before the big day. Read on to find out what you could do in that time:

Become a reseller

Growing in popularity for a good reason and our auctions are perfect for giving this a try. We hold lots of regular auctions of retail returns from major UK retailers. Many of these have no reserve price and because they are often raw returns, meaning unchecked, they offer up the opportunity to get your hands on potentially great items from big brands at very low prices.

You’ll see pallets of goods within a category, such as small domestic products and you will find a list of what products that pallet contains. What you don’t know and won’t discover until you receive your pallet, is what condition the items are in. So of course, there is risk here but because the condition isn’t known, you could find a brand-new unboxed item that makes it easy for you to resell. Or, you could find some things that need fixing up before selling them, or they might be broken in which case there should be potential to sale on for parts.

So, you bid on a pallet/s, once you’ve won you pay and arrange delivery, then you sort through what you’ve received and sell on what you choose to individually.

There are many people who do this as regular form of income but if you just want to dip your toe in the water, try one pallet and see how you get on. You might even find suitable Christmas presents inside which would also be handy!

Check out our blog Everything you need to know to become a reseller.

Have a clear out

We know, time is tight and going through your belongings to sort out what you no longer need or want can take a while but it’s worth booking out some time in your diary to do it. We’re all sitting on items that can be loved by someone new. That could be anything - jewellery you no longer wear or a piece of furniture you once invested in but no longer suits your space or tastes for example.

If you take a look at our auction categories, you may get some ideas and inspiration about what you could sell.

Monetise your creativity

Do you have a hobby that could become more than just fun?

You might currently try and sell your work elsewhere and it’s difficult to find a route to market that doesn’t somehow cost you money. Not here at William George. The profit you make is yours to keep.

So, if you’re a budding artist, a jewellery maker, a furniture restorer or perhaps a potter, think about listing with us and reaching a whole new audience.  

Ready to set selling? Then head over to our Seller’s Area to find out more and get going!